Storybook Tales

Enter a world where dreams can come true. A magical storybook place. Where dress up and make believe come alive and the inspiration is you! Walk with us through the wardrobe door and leave the plainer world behind. Capturing the youth of a child, or the blossom of a teen is a gift of stopping time. Creation happens together making it rewarding and an experience to treasure and reflect upon. Every good adventure starts with a map and a plan. Let’s start the journey together…go here to find out more information!

once upon a time from Laura Cottril on Vimeo.


Inspiration grew from the seed of a childhood book into stunning, classic art images. The familiar story of the Princess and the Frog was the dawning of an idea. From there the plan unfolded with the discovery and creation of costumes, the make-over of an ugly frog and spinning lace into a golden crown.

A merry time was had by all as our dream came alive at the portrait session. Gorgeous sunset light, fresh winter air and a beautiful girl all woven in tapestry for a dream come true.


F o r   P h o t o g r a p h e r s
S t o r y b o o k   P h o t o s
T e s t i m o n i a l s
S u b s c r i b e