In this world we’ll create unique photographic art for your home in a magical day that is all about you. A memorable experience in children, family or vintage photography, our journey is soulful, intuitive and fun. Each time you gaze at your images you’ll remember the day in detail;  nervous jitters getting ready, how surprisingly at ease you felt after you arrived, the magical circle that surrounded you causing your stress and cares to fall away. A perfect day; an authentic location, you in your hand selected and carefully dressed outfit, a portrait to artfully place you back in time and a stunning memory of your delightful day.

Immediately you’ll notice that Laura’s work is different. It is influenced by master painters, yet fresh and current. She combines rich composition and artistic placement to create the magical ~ photographic art that conveys rich emotion and tells enchanted stories.

“… it’s so wonderful to work with someone who understands her client so well and consistently creates a beautiful product. This is perfect.”


To explore more of Laura’s inspired photographic art, visit the Gallery.

Already enchanted? Contact Laura and let us tell your story.


The Art of Ballet

“Please send me your last pair of shoes, worn out with dancing as you mentioned in your letter, so that I mightView full post »

Senior Portraits or Family Portraits?

Milestones are a natural time to think of having family portraits done and with spring comes the urgency of needing toView full post »

De La Salle Baseball Legacy: Seniors 2016

“As the season goes on, teammates go from teammates, to friends to brothers.” – Baseballism EvenView full post »

Quinceañera Beauty

It has been truly amazing watching my clients grow up as my business has grown up. I photographed this beauty when sheView full post »

Restoration of the soul, through beauty

What words can even convey my feelings for these girls, this day, these portraits. They are truly food for my soul. I&#View full post »

Art lives here

Sometimes fate brings me clients and I shake my head in wonder about the path that led us to each other. It all seemsView full post »

Have you thanked a teacher today?

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morningView full post »

It’s good to have a goal

With my mentor and sponsor Carol Andrews Jensen at the Gaylord Opryland Resort. Last week I flew to Nashville, TennesseeView full post »

When the story is a long one

This road means so much to me. For my whole life, my mom’s life, her parents and grandparents life, this roadView full post »

When the crisis becomes the gift

It was my last session of the year. Sifting our schedules between work travel, knee surgery and the unpredictableView full post »

Pinterest Portraits

When we met, we looked at Pinterest. So many beautiful portraits posted on Pinterest. Beautiful locations, clothingView full post »

Every picture tells a story

I recently heard a story on NPR about what happens to your body when you are in the zone. They say that when you are inView full post »

Destination Portraits: Lake Tahoe, California

I love it when the stars align. I often have magical circumstances that I’ve come to call the Triple-Crown. AView full post »

These youth have changed the world (already)!

I wish I had the right words to express the wonderment and awe I feel after attending the Earth Island Brower YouthView full post »

Destination Portrait Photography: Corydon, Iowa

“Thanks so much…memories are so much of who we are.” This summer, my family traveled back to our IowaView full post »

Photos Make a House a Home

It all started with a dream. I’ve photographed this beautiful family since the first born was five days old. NowView full post »

Charity fundraiser also builds photography business

It all began in Kindergarten. Well, my first son’s Kindergarten. As a parent of young children I was passionate toView full post »

What would you be willing to sacrifice?

This project isn’t about making images. It’s not about creating the world’s largest camera. It’sView full post »

Make a Wish

Not too long ago I was looking for a local store that sold baby gifts. Many of the stores I used to go to had closed andView full post »


I can’t get this image off my mind. The stillness of the glade, opening to the ring of trees, the kids runningView full post »

How Do I Love You?

My friend, Davina Fear, is doing some amazing work on something called Familyness. Rather than focusing on theView full post »

Brower Youth Awards 2013

 “Anything you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” GoetheView full post »

The Great Gatsby Summer Afternoon

“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the starsView full post »

The Queen Mary Art Deco Festival

“Oh, it was easy to see why people had whirlwind shipboard romances, for it was a temporary journey into fantasy,View full post »

We may never pass this way again.

“The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow,View full post »

the dance

the dance from Laura Cottril on Vimeo. “Please send me your last pair of shoes, worn out with dancing as youView full post »

Striving for Excellence

I have a group of photography friends with whom years ago we decided we would “go for our Master’s”View full post »

The Art of Vintage Dance

My journey continues as each person I meet leads me to the next person, and the next. Recently I was invited toView full post »

Then and Now

A little blue velvet suit, reminding me of The Blue Boy painting, was discovered in my grandma’s basement whenView full post »

California Oak Tree, Briones Park

The Old Oak Tree

It all started with this big ‘ole tree. My client would stop me in the halls at our children’s schoolView full post »

Why Vintage?

It’s so funny. The thing you resist becomes the thing you most wanted. When I was asked to be the photographer atView full post »

Vintage Day at the Groveland Hotel

If you have been following me over the last few months you may have noticed my passion for Storybook portraits arise.View full post »

Do you photograph puppies?

The question took me by surprise. I’ve photographed many dogs in family portraits but have never been asked aboutView full post »

John Muir’s Daughters

While on vacation in Santa Cruz we decided to look for treasures by going thrift store shopping. We happened upon aView full post »

More than Charity

I’ve been struggling for the words to define my feelings on this subject ever since it happened. I’m notView full post »

The making of a dream…

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The book. Where was that book? I set the seed into my mind to germinate untilView full post »

Pleasant Hill Elementary Spring Gala

Anticipation rules the air as the calendar pages fly by and the Pleasant Hill  Elementary Spring Gala quicklyView full post »

Hope for our Future

Tuesday night was a big night for our future. It was the 13th annual Brower Youth Awards night. Out of hundreds ofView full post »


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